I have not been to the dentist for a long time. Having a couple bad experiences kept me from going. Now my mouth is a mess. I looked online many many many times before I found Dr Cohens site. There was something about what I read that made me feel like I could appreciate a place like that. When I got the courage to call I had the pleasure of talking to Ryan. He seem to understand my feelings about the dentist and all my anxiety. He gave me the courage to make an appointment and show up. I don’t know if I will be able to afford everything that I need done but I do know that whatever I can afford I will have the best care I can get. If you have any anxiety about the dentist Dr. Cohen, Ryan’s and the rest of his staff , will ease that anxiety, and that is priceless.


I needed an emergency visit to repair a cracked crown. Dr. Cohen was a referral from my vacationing dentist's office. Dr Cohen is an amazingly kind, knowledgeable and skillful dentist. He treats the entire patient, not just the dental issue. I am so grateful to him for staying open after hours to accommodate my emergency and thank him for his kindness. His staff is just as kind and efficient as he is. Many, many thanks!

I have had around a dozen or more dentists in my life in various states around the country. And I can say without any reservation that Dr. Cohen is the best dentist I have ever had. His knowledge and skill are above reproach. A good example is his skill in getting your bite right after a filling or crown. All other dentists I've been a patient of does the 'bite, bite, bite, grind grind grind, drill, drill, drill ; how does that feel?' routine. And rinse and repeat and never quite getting my bite right. Dr. Cohen you do 'chop, chop, chop'. But he never asks me how my bite feels. He just keeps having you do the 'chop, chop, chop' thing until he's satisfied. The funny thing is this is the first time in a long time that my bite feels great. It's like he's tooth whisperer. Add to the awesome staff Dr. Cohen's practice is simply unbeatable. If I should ever move away from the Valley I'd seriously consider returning just to keep Dr. Cohen as my dentist.

I'm terrified of the dentist and this is the only office I've ever felt comfortable in!!! They REALLY make you feel at home and the doctor does great work. He really takes the time to explain everything to you, which I really appreciate. Also the desk ladies are just the sweetest EVER!


I'm home and walking around smiling - smiling - smiling - from ear to ear
- I just can't stop ! It's wonderful !
And all thanks to you and your kindness and incredible "expertise" (The
skill of an expert - Webster's says). That new tooth looks like it's been
there my whole life !!

Loosing that tooth seemed like the "end of the world" - it signified the
beginning of the loss of all my teeth and a painful and expensive time was
soon to follow. But you've shown me anything can be fixed - and can be
done in baby-steps. Guess my "End of the world" scenario seems pretty
silly - Thanks for restoring my faith that "Life is still beautiful" !!!

You're an amazing Doctor ~ Thank you for your understanding and compassion
- I'm extremely grateful to you.

Jackie B.

This place is amazing! They are all so sweet there and Dr.Cohen makes sure you are comfortable and taken care of! Would highly recommend this place and the laughing gas

To add to the review I got my teeth cleaned today by Sophie and she is so gentle and used topical to numb me a little because I am very sensitive. So happy to have found this place!

Ciara D.

Long overdue review, but wonderful service and staff!
Before Dr. Cohen, I was pretty much a guinea pig experiment to my previous dentist, so I used to dread going even if it was just for a check up.

Dr. Cohen doesn't make you feel like that. He values your opinion, while keeping your teeth in tip top shape with the latest technology and tools of dentistry. I do like that he is honest and discusses what the best (and affordable) solution is for you. He and his assistants also make sure you're comfortable during procedures.

*Parking at the back of the building, and they have wifi.

Sophia, Casey, Laura, and the rest of his staff are genuinely friendly and professional as he is. Best staff ever! I don't hate going to the dentist anymore and there's no one else I'd trust with my teeth.

Elaine P.

Best dentist in Los Angeles. The end. Dr Cohen and his whole staff are the most genuine and informative group of people I've had the pleasure of experiencing. I will say, I've tried many doctors in the Los Angeles area and have been underwhelmed. Being in the beauty industry I take my smile seriously , I am never disappointed. The steps all practitioners take there to educate you on the health of your teeth is something I've never experienced at any other practice. I am a loyal customer :) I just got zoom there for my smile today! And well another great thing they offer that I was super excited to try right before my wedding.

Marissa A.

Dr Cohen has always been so pleasant to work with. The girls at the desk are always friendly there is a family feeling there.

Meloni M.

My mom met Dr. Cohen at a PTA meeting at my middle school ten years ago and ever since then my family and I have seen Dr. Cohen as a dentist, and also around the neighborhood at local events. He has even come out to my mom''s stand up comedy shows.

Dr. Cohen is a kind, funny, and chatty dentist who truly cares about the community and his patients. As a valley girl, I like supporting a local business, especially one where the businessman supports the community back.

I have been seeing Dr. Cohen for both routine dental care and also for Invisalign for the past couple of years. He has been so helpful at helping me pick the best options for me and not just whatever costs the most. He truly cares about the well being of his patients.

Casey at the front desk is also so helpful and kind. She helps with me when my insurance changes (which has happened a lot recently) and with CareCredit for an expensive purchase like Invisalign.

I recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone who would like a dentist that treats you like neighbor. At my visits, I always feel very comfortable and more like a friend going over for a chat than a patient visiting an office. The experience is never clinical, and always personal while still being professional. His office is located in an adorable Spanish style building which just adds to it's local Southern California vibe.

Lauren V.

What a great place! I had some crowns redone and Dr. Cohen did a fantastic job! He is very upfront and a cool dude at that haha. I never felt like he was trying to squeeze money out of me. He told me what we could do to give me a better smile(being an actor it is very important) and was never pushy with any of my options.

Great place! Great guy! Great work!

John-Michael C.

It's not often that you have a healthcare experience that actually leaves you looking forward to going back for another visit. Well, here is one office that does! Why? Dr. Cohen and his staff are super genuinely friendly toward their patients which then translates into a great bedside manner. That combined with their expertise makes you feel super comfortable.

The office is super clean and has great energy as soon as you step foot in the door. What a difference that makes for people who hate going to the dentist!

Dr. Cohen is hands down the best dentist I've gone to in Los Angeles. He may even make you laugh!

Robert C.

Very nice guy and very thorough. Takes his time with you and is very knowledgeable. His office is really nice and comfortable inside. Good people working here. Hard to find that in LA. Appreciate all the help, thank you :) I'm very grateful.

Brittany R.

Dr Cohen is an artist. I thought I would have this gross decaying ring around my gum line, accentuated by a silver filling , forever. Dr Cohen took care of it and replaced the silver with white. I am thrilled with my results. I can't even tell here was ever an issue. Dr Cohen really takes the time to find out what your goals are. I.e. -- I was just hoping to keep the teeth I had. He has an initial consultation where you discuss the direction of your care and he explains well all of your options. The staff is friendly and professional. All the hygienists are gorgeous and know their trade. The office is clean and you can tell all staff feel a real pride in their workplace. Impeccable!! I get reminders texted and emailed as the date approaches so I never miss appointments. If you live in the Sherman Oaks area, this is the premier dentist. I couldn't be happier with the dental care I am receiving!! Sensational!!!

Matt D.

Dr. Cohen and his staff are just fantastic!

Upon moving to LA, we were looking for a new dentist. I went to several around town based on Yelp reviews, even though some of the reviews were iffy, I thought I would go check them out. None of them I were all too impressed with and it was hard to feel like they were completely trustworthy or were doing detailed cleaning.

One of our friends referred us to Dr. Cohen and mentioned that his receptionist, Casey, was great too. So we decided to give them a shot, and they became our dental office for the next few years!

Dr. Cohen has a nice office- sofa and TV in the waiting room with magazines and some tea and coffee. You never have to wait very long before they take you in.

Everyone on the staff is kind and helpful. They are gentle on your teeth when doing cleanings, but you can tell they are thorough, and they answer whatever questions you may have. They have TVs in front of the chairs and they give you the remote so you can change it to whatever channel you want.

Dr. Cohen himself is sweet. It's clear he cares about you as a patient and a person. When I was talking with him about the need for a mouthguard due to clenching at night, he expressed his concern that it was due to stress, and really showed that he wanted me to be able to relax more and take things in stride as to avoid becoming over stressed and therefore it being held in my jaw. He seemed like a father figure type but did not come across as presumptuous or assuming. When I needed to get my wisdom teeth out, he recommended me to an oral surgeon because even though he could perform the surgery, in my case he felt more comfortable having an oral surgeon perform--- so it goes to show that he puts quality of care before money for himself. He's soft spoken, so he has a relaxing voice, but he's also a funny guy too so he keeps you at ease. The office works with you and your insurance so you can afford to get done what you need without breaking the bank. They are very great about showing you that they care and aren't just running a business, but want you to be able to get the work you need.

Casey at the front desk is also very sweet and was always fun to chat with when checking out. She's down to earth but also gets the job done and you always feel like you are chit chatting with a friend.

In general, aside from my dentist I had while growing up, he was the best dentist I had and it will be hard to replace him and his team now that we have moved!

Nadia R.

I am extremely satisfied in EVERY WAY with the excellent service, friendliness, "professionality", honesty, and advice given. As a client of The Good Dr. Cohen and his absolutely fantastic staffers for many, MANY years (since 1991), I can't think of a way that I could be more pleased! And I am truly grateful for that!!!

As ALWAYS, I have the absolute highest regard for Dr. Cohen, as well as his highly respected staff! I couldn't possibly ask for better during my quarterly appointments, of which I never miss! My only (minimal) complaint: I was charged $60 for an annual examination by the Good and Wise Dr. Cohen. According to my calculations, that averages out to about $10 for every minute he spent on my case. In all fairness to him, I'm assuming this is a standard charge for the time of a true medical professional in ANY medical field. I just feel it's a bit much. However, I will not dispute the charge because he (and the ENTIRE staff) are worth it to me!

As is typical and expected, my visit to Dr. Cohen's office for a prophylaxis ("PM3"--deep cleaning) by Eileen was no less than fantastic! Eileen is very friendly and open; a marvelous human being! She is also VERY professional and no less knowledgeable. She is quite capable of answering any dental-related queries I, or you, may have. And Casey, at the front desk, is a pleasure with whom to do business--also very friendly! Thanks to you both! And many thanks to Dr. Cohen and his ENTIRE wonderful team of professionals!

Don F.

Doctor Cohen has been very helpful and welcoming. He has an old school feel and uses new and efficient technology. The office has very good vibes and I loved the warm attitudes from everyone including his staff. Dr. Cohen's office is very clean and sanitary too. He kindly recommends the treatment you need and supports your decision. If you're looking for an amazing dentist, Dr Cohen is the dentist to go to! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!

Mariam S.

I've been a patient of Dr. Cohen for many years and I count my lucky stars that he is my dentist. Dr. Cohen is a true professional in his field and uses the latest information and technology to diagnose, treat and repair dental issues. Laura, Casey and the rest of the staff are always very friendly and make any visit a positive one. There really aren't enough superlatives that I can use to describe the office and Dr. Cohen.

David B.

Dr. Cohen is hands down the best dentist I've ever been to. I honestly do not even feel it when he gives me a shot in the gums (and usually I feel sore for a couple days after such a shot). He is patient, gentle, kind and knowledgeable. I have very sensitive teeth with weak enamel, and sometimes it's hard for me to tell which tooth certain pain is coming from, he takes the time to help me figure out where the problem lies and then discusses my options with me, knowing that I don't always have the money to fix all of my issues at once, he helps me discern which should be priority. I have never felt rushed at this office, and his entire staff is friendly, courteous and competent. I am a freelancer, so my insurance policy is always changing, and I have even paid extra to go to Dr. Cohen when he has been Out of my Network because I trust him and feel comfortable at the office.

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